Time to stop for lunch, but how do you decide which is the best table to slide your feet under? No need to panic! We’ve put together a little list of the most prestigious restaurants in the resort. On the menu: subtle and stylish gastronomy, local produce, refined elegance… Rest assured, delectable moments of gustatory pleasure await!

  1. Le Kintessence2 stars

Location : 238 rue des Clarines, 73120 Courchevel 1850 

To whet the appetite, firstly we pay homage to the younger generation, represented here by Jean-Rémi Carillon, executive chef of Kintessence, a little haven of peace in the heart of the resort. This laid-back restaurant offers a gastronomic experience and draws upon the flavours of the mountain terroir with sophisticated and exciting produce. Those with a sweet tooth should not miss the delicious offerings prepared by the celebrated pâtissier Sébastien Vauxion: finish your meal in unparalleled dessert heaven! A feast for the eyes as well as the palate.



  1. Le Chabichou (Groupe Lavorel Hôtels) – 2 étoiles

Adresse : Rue des Chenus, 73120 Saint-Bon-Tarentaise 

The Chabichou is first and foremost a family business, with Maryse et Michel Rochedy having resided at the helm of this magnificent ship since 1963. The two of them created an iconic Courchevel establishment whose walls – painted as white as the surrounding peaks – contain a rich and colourful history. And all just at the foot of the slopes!

Since October 2018, there have been several changes for this famous white lady of Courchevel. Jean-Claude Lavorel, head of the Lavorel Hotels group, also known for having bought the Palace de Menthon in Talloires, has taken over the management of the hotel with a view to raising levels to acquire a 5th star. This ambitious project will be undertaken subtly, preserving the unique spirit and family ambience of the hotel. As regards the décor, nothing will be transformed: the charm of this chalet which sits harmoniously within the scenery will remain.



But in the kitchen, it’s all change! After 55 years of service, Michel Rochedy is ready to hand over his apron… But not just to any old chef! Stéphane Buron – who won a prestigious ‘meilleur ouvrier’ (best craftsperson) award in 2004 – will follow in Michel’s footsteps, supported by his wife Sylvie. It goes without saying that the succession will be a triumph!

On the interior, the elegance and finesse that are de rigueur are reflected on the plate. And talking of plates, it goes without saying that the tireless work of the chefs will take you on a gustatory voyage without compare. The refined execution and the flavours – as rich as they are varied – are devoted to delighting your taste buds!

3. Le 1947 – 3 étoiles

Adresse : Cheval blanc Courchevel – le Jardin Alpin, 73120 Courchevel 1850

Courchevel’s only three-star Michelin restaurant is waiting to deliver you a portion of culinary creativity and sophistication!

The 1947 promises a distinctive, modern cuisine, full of intense flavour. The décor is original, luxurious and warm, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the world of the celebrated chef Yannick Alléno. By way of his numerous studies and experiments, this famous French chef strives to offer ever more remarkable dishes. A lunch spot which will not fail to delight!



With our recommendations, each as delectable as the next, your mouth is sure to be watering… Now we have awoken your tastebuds, we wish you bon appetit and a warm welcome in one of our top 3 most renowned restaurants in resort!