Let’s have a look at the latest skiing equipment
A true feat of engineering with optimum comfort: discover the essential skiing equipment for your holiday in the Trois vallées that will outperform all others. Where luxury meets the ultimate in technology.


Rare skis

For exclusive limited edition skis offering sporting elegance, choose skis by Styibwe and Volant.  Flawless + attention to detail = skiing authenticity:  the winning combination for freeriding in the Alpine sun.


Customised skis

Add your own touch, and buy your skis tailor-made!  Select your chosen model and materials, and customize them down to the smallest details.  The skis you have always dreamed of will come to life in the workshop of Alain Zanco, former ski-shaper with Rossignol – they are just waiting for you to try them out! Made 100% by hand, using high-quality renewable materials, they are truly a must-have for any aficionado of skiing in style.


High class snowboards

We just love the iconic Burton snowboards: Family tree mystery fish.  With its Methlon base and ultra-lightweight core, it’s one of the best snowboards on the Market.  Ideal for surfing over the snow! Also discover the Di X6 by Durpraz, with its sober all black look, the x-light 6 snowboard boosts an ultra-lightweight design for maximum ease of movement.


Digital watches

We all have an adventurous side. With the selection of Garmin watches, you’ll discover a new approach to mountain expeditions. For women, our favourite, the Fenix 5S Plus. This watch is just packed full of technology and innovation. Available in its classic version, or ‘Sapphire’ model with its scratch-resistant protected Sapphire glass, it’s equipped with wrist-based heart rate technology and Top Active Europe colour maps, including a popular route planner. Its geolocation system (GPS, GLONASS and Galileo) is ultra-efficient for navigation wherever you may be. Lastly, it comes equipped with several built-in sensors, including an electronic 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter. In short: it’s the ideal companion for your outdoor summer & winter activities. For men, discover the Fenix 5X Plus. In addition to boasting the same specs as the 5S Plus, the 5X is equipped with a wrist-based Pulse Oximeter to gauge the saturation of oxygen in your blood, allowing you to assess how your body adapts to higher elevations. Discover the technical specs of these two essential state-of-the-art pieces of equipment for any real ski riders at www.garmin.com.

While you’re busy kitting yourself out, we’ll be there waiting for you at the top of the Courchevel ski slopes.